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Past employment is the #1 most common
area of embellishment on a resume.

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As THE employer, you may not be the best person to do a reference check. Why? Because you are already hoping for positive results.
We are all less receptive to hear bad things when we are NEEDFUL, WANTING or HOPEFUL and anticipating good results. Our minds will tend to disseminate what we want to hear and not the things we should hear. Dismissing the times you play telephone tag with call backs coming at the most inconvenient moment, Corporate Inquiry Systems have the time without vested interest in the candidate. We base results without bias, prejudice or emotion. Our purpose is to gather facts about your candidate and allow you to make the hiring decision
based on facts we provide.

“Our company policy won’t allow me to comment ...”
simply isn't good enough anymore.

A candidate’s ‘perception’ of their former job function and responsibilities can falsely lead a prospective employer to
believe qualifications exist that really do not.

Corporate Inquiry Systems discovers an endless list of discrepancies while conducting Reference Checks:

  • Personal references begin by saying “I don’t believe that Sam would use ME as a reference.”
  • Exaggerated length of employment and/or never having been employed at all.
  • Falsified reasons for termination such as “the business closed” or “I left for a better opportunity” or “company could not provide advancement opportunities” are often substitutes for having been terminated for other reasons.
  • Gaps in employment may reveal, time spent in jail or a DUI charge resulting in the loss of transportation.

Corporate Inquiry Systems verifies the applicant’s information at source. We contact previous employers to confirm:

  • Dates of employment
  • Job titles
  • Positions held
  • Salary verified
  • The true Job Description

The results provide you with a true and complete picture of the candidate you are considering.

Below the surface lies the applicant’s Personal Character, posing questions on matters of Honesty, Integrity, Values, Performance, and Business Acumen.

Corporate Inquiry Systems provide detailed narrative reports in a comprehensive format that are easy to read.