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WE all assume the level of education claimed is truthful. NOT TRUE.

Few employers demand proof of education by having a candidate provide a diploma or transcript. Candidates will exaggerate because EDUCATION IS SELDOM VERIFIED and they know it.

Diploma Mills GET YOUR (MASTERS DEGREE) OR A (PHD.) IN 7 DAYS FOR AS LITTLE AS $239.00 are printing hundred’s of thousands fake diplomas a year, and for a small fee, supporting FAKE transcripts are provided.

With over 15 years of relationship building, Corporate Inquiry Systems work in co-operation with Registrar Offices of both Secondary and Post Secondary Institutions worldwide.

Universities, Colleges, High Schools and other learning institutions allow us to deliver complete results expeditiously.

Corporate Inquiry Systems will confirm whether the candidate “attended” or “graduated” High School, College or University,
and validate the Degree or Diploma awarded by providing the Date Received, as well as the Enrollment Date. Many institutions will provide a copy of the Transcript at an additional cost.

Corporate Inquiry Systems has extensive experience in identifying forged degrees from diploma mills and exposing altered documents
and credentials.